The Safer Beauty Products I Couldn’t Leave America Without

af30a79ba186599afe1b116d164bf51cAfter we decided to move to Germany and all the emotions had settled, we set into preparation mode.  Sell the house, sell the cars, figure out what to do with the pups, find somewhere to live, and then figure out what we were going to take with us.  Do we take all the furniture, or try to get a furnished place?  So many decisions.

We were so lucky to get to talk to some other expats in Germany doing the same things as we were about to do, but had much more time under their belts!  And of course, I had time to talk to the wives and get the real deal on what it’s really like to live in Germany, and their advice on the tactical things.  One thing they were all adamant about was to do our shopping before we leave.  If there are things that we really loved, don’t expect to find the same here, and if you do, it’s likely to be much more expensive.  Clothes, medicine, beauty products.  Buy it in America, pack it up, and ship it over.

For the last few years I’ve been committed to using safer, non-toxic products.  But I’m also a recovering Sephora junky, and I like products that are effective and make me feel beautiful!  Fortunately, there are several brands that I put my trust in, in both of these areas.

Here’s a summary of my favorite products that I just had to ship over, and why I love them so much!  



Beautycounter’s  No 1 Brightening Skin Oil: This oil has changed my skin over the last few years that I’ve used it, and I just won’t part with it.  And German Winter’s are cold.  This product uses all natural oils to moisturize and awaken dull skin.  Using oil on your skin tends to terrify people, and understandably.  We were all teenagers at some point.  The reality is that when your skin is dry and in need of oil, it actually ramps up oil production, which is more likely to cause the greasy foreheads and breakouts.  And facial oils work really nicely as makeup primers, filling in and plumping up the dry spots so makeup goes on nice and smooth.

Beautycounter Cleansing Balm:  This is my go-to all-in-one travel product.  When I’m traveling, I hate packing a whole skincare routine.  I like to keep it simple.  So this product is perfect for travel, because it does it all.  It removes makeup, cleanses skin, and moisturizes.  It can be used as an overnight mask and even rubbed on dry elbows or other dry skin patches.

Tinkles: Weird name, great invention.  Ladies, there are some interesting trends emerging, but hairy faces are not one of them.  These are basically face razors.  Don’t be scared, you won’t grow a beard from using it.  They remove the peach fuzz and even exfoliate. I love them.  Easy, affordable, and I don’t have to make an appointment.



Beautycounter Tint Skin Foundation: This foundation goes on super smooth, and is the perfect coverage.  I honestly haven’t found a foundation that I’ve liked more.  I use Linen in Fall/Winter and Sand in Spring/Summer, when I have a bit more color.

Beautycounter Sheer Lipstick: Lipstick was one of the first products I changed over to a safe brand I trust.  Why?  Well, because ladies, we pretty much eat it. Most lipsticks contain lead, parabens, and harmful dyes.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that ingested.  Beautycounter has an array of colors, but my current fave is Lily, which is a natural pink that looks great all seasons and on all skin tones.



Primally Pure Deodorant:  Smelly pits are not pleasant for anyone.  However, many deodorants contain aluminum which works by trapping toxins in your body, that end up being stored in your lymph nodes, and has been linked to Alzheimer’s and breast cancer.  When this dirty secret started getting more press, it put many of us in a really awkward position.  Risk chronic illness, or lose friends.  No one should have to make that choice.  At one point in my pursuit of an effective natural deodorant, I actually had to leave work during lunch to shower and change my clothes. If you’ve done the same, you know that many of the safer deodorants either don’t work and leave you with sweaty, smelly pits, break you out, or get all over your clothes.  That’s what led me to Primally Pure.  I LOVE this deodorant!  It keeps me dry, smelling like a daisy, and it doesn’t get all over my clothes!  Hooray!  I use Geranium, but there are several really yummy scents to try out.

Primally Pure Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo is one of the best inventions for women.  Because we have way better things to do than to wash our hair everyday, right?  Aerosol and endocrine disrupting synthetic fragrances are just a few of the players mixed up in most dry shampoos. This uses kaolin clay and arrowroot powder, scented with essential oils.

Beautycounter Daily Shampoo & Daily Conditioner: I have battled with psoriasis since I was a kid, so when I had a bad flare about three years ago, I started taking a harder look at my personal care products and shampoo & conditioner was one of the first I decided to switch over.  I tried multiple brands, which didn’t seem to foam up at all, or left my hair feeling either greasy or completely stripped of oil.   Beautycounter has several lines of shampoo & conditioner for different hair types, but my hair happens to do best with their original line. It smells great, it lathers, leaves my hair feeling clean but not stripped, AND my hairdresser has even commented how my hair has gotten much healthier since using it!  WIN.

If you’re looking for ways to choose safer products or look into the safety of your current products, EWG – Skin Deep is a fantastic site, which rates products based on safety of their ingredients.  If you aren’t able to find the specific product, you can look up individual ingredient safety ratings.

If you have any questions about what I use or about switching to safer products, comment or send me a message.  Have a fantastic week, friends!


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