Broccoli & “Cheese” Egg Bites

Now that we’re settled in, we both stay pretty busy during the week.  Andy’s at school all day and studying at night.  I walk the dog several times a day, go to the gym, hang our laundry to dry (sigh) and usually have some social outing, either getting coffee with a friend or hitting up all the Christmas markets.   So I’ve been searching for an easy, grab and go breakfast for us during the week. 

Eggs tend to be my go-to because they are easy, and so nutritious.  They are one of the best sources of protein and contain all nine essential amino acids. They are a great source of choline, which helps regulate your brain, nervous system, and cardiovascular system, not to mention, contain Vitamin D, in which many of us are deficient. 

Between the egg and ground turkey, this has plenty of protein to keep you full through the morning, along with vitamins and fiber from the broccoli and some “cheesy” goodness from nutritional yeast.  Prep ahead for easy breakfasts on the go!

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