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I fully understand that we are only a few weeks away from Christmas, but if you’re like me you probably waited until the last minute to do your shopping!  One reason it’s always taken me a long time shop for Christmas gifts is because I want it to really be special and something my family and friends will love, not just a check the box gift.  So I rounded up some of my very favorite things this year. 

You’ll notice there’s a bit of a theme – warm and cozy or travel related, of course!  Also, in the spirit of authenticity, these are truly my favorite things, and it turns out, most of my favorite things aren’t cheap 🙂  I’ll start working on a budget list for next year!

Many of these items I bought prior to moving to Germany.  When we found out I would be quitting my job, I did some serious retail therapy to prepare for my new life on one income.  Not wise or prudent behavior, but I did get some really amazing things that I wear and use all the time.  So there. 

Christmas isn’t about things, but about being with the people we love.  But I hope I’m able to give you some fun ideas for gifts to make your loved ones feel really treasured this holiday.  Merry Christmas, everyone!

My husband bought this backpack for me for our anniversary, and I think it has been my very favorite thing I’ve brought along to Germany.  It’s a gorgeous color, and a soft leather that just gets more character with every scratch or drop of water.  I LOVE IT and I get so many compliments on it.  There is a smaller size that is really cute, but this size is perfect for me to carry to the gym or shopping. Absolutely perfect for the traveler or people on the go.  And right now it’s 25% off!

We moved to Germany in the fall, so before we left, I was on the hunt for a lightweight jacket that I could throw on at night that was stylish and easy to wear.  I tried on so many and fell in love with this one.  I wore this pretty much every day the first month or so until I had to store it away for Spring, and I can’t wait to pull it back out again.

This cardigan is constantly blogged about, and probably on a million other “favorite things” blogs, and for good reason!  I wanted this sweater for so long and when it went on sale during the Nordstrom annual sale, I snagged it!  Even the sale price made me wince a little, but I can say now that it was worth every penny.  It’s so comfortable around the house, but nice enough to wear out.  Worth the investment!

Another, “oh my gosh, I need to hurry and buy Lululemon before I quit my job” purchases!  But this is another thing that I wear ALL THE TIME.  If I could wear this every day I would.  The Breeze fit is different from the classic long sleeve that Lululemon has always carried.  It’s less fitted, so I find it more comfortable and appropriate in public.  Because of the fit, I feel like you could even wear it with jeans and it look nice.

I got these boots before a ski trip last winter, knowing that we may be moving to Germany, and it’s a good thing I did!  These are perfect for cold, wet days at the Christmas markets.  They are lined with wool inside, and waterproof, but comfortable enough for long walks.  And they’re on sale!  

Being from Texas, beanies are for cute Instagram pictures when the weather drops below 60F.  Living in a cold climate, I can see that the really do serve a purpose!  Keeping my ears warm, makes such a difference when the damp, cold wind is whipping.  This hat is lined around the ears, which is key!  And, of course, it’s super cute!

Okay, so this isn’t exactly winter wear, but I can’t wait for spring to pull these back out!  I saw these on someone and loved them, but was hesitant because of the price. They are the most comfortable, cute walking shoes you can find!  Great for spring, summer, and most of fall!  

Aaptiv is an app that has tons of different workouts available where a trainer walks you through the workout.  It’s like being in a class or with a personal trainer, in the privacy of your home or gym.  I think this is such a great gift idea for someone who is looking to get in shape, or for the traveler. I use it to do yoga at home, and have even used their guided meditation, which is great for someone who has no idea where to begin to meditate!  They also have running, strength training, and various other workouts.  It’s great!

The Canon T6 Rebel is such a great starter camera for someone looking to learn photography, but doesn’t want to completely break the bank.  There are various packages on Amazon with different lenses and accessories, but this has everything you need to get started. 

So, I’ll admit that I haven’t used this service/brand, but I have been following them on Instagram and I love the concept.  I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit, and now that I have more time, I started learning, and have found it really therapeutic and fun.  WAK allows you to pick a project based on skill level (Beginner, Medium, Advanced) and it sends you a cute kit with everything you would need to knit that scarf or hat you chose.  I love the idea of giving something that someone can learn in the new year, and knitting is a great cold weather hobby!

I bought a push pin map very similar to this for my husband for our anniversary.  I think it’s such a fun idea to pin all your travels and even mark where you are dreaming of going next!  

I have bought this diffuser both in the US and in Germany (different outlets) and love it!  It’s reasonably priced and works great.  I’ve loved using essential oils as a healthier alternative to scented candles, and even my husband has fun picking out and mixing scents (don’t tell him I told you).  This is a great gift for people wanting to go non-toxic, or someone who wants that “spa-feel” in their house. 

I tend to pick up random essential oils when I find them, so I haven’t used this exact set.  However, it has great reviews and looks like a great gift for someone wanting to start diffusing essential oils. 

Cookbooks make such great Christmas gifts!  I love getting them myself, and this is my favorite of the year.  It’s all Keto/Paleo/Anti-Inflammatory, and everything is super flavorful!  This is perfect for the person interested in cleaning up their diet, but who loves to eat!  Amazing low-carb recipes that are NOT boring!

It’s no secret that Beautycounter is my clean beauty brand of choice.  But I love some of their holiday sets, and this one is perfect for travel or for taking to the gym, because who really likes the hotel and gym soap/shampoo?!

Such a fun gift idea to treat a lady in your life, or yourself!  Beautycounter’s color intense lipsticks are highly pigmented, but go on smooth and stay on your lips all day.  This set is in mini sizes, so you have one for every occasion!

Maybe a little random, but does anyone else have the issue with not being able to keep their phone charged?!  I’ve always had this problem, but traveling and not having a car has amplified it, so I cannot live without my portable charger.  This is a great stocking stuffer for that person in your life who is on the go and maybe not the best at charging their phone 🙂  

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