Mexican Chocolate Fat Bombs

For many years now, fat has had a pretty bad rap.  I grew up in the era where low-fat butter, milk, cheese and even peanut butter were main staples for most households.  Even doctors were advising to reduce fat intake because of obesity and heart disease.  Fortunately, there’s now a great deal of research debunking this myth and putting fat back on our plates.

Of course, not all fats are created equal, and healthy fats from nuts, seeds, avocados, fish, and even meat products in reasonable quantities, are proving to actually lower “bad” LDL cholesterol and aid in brain and nerve function. 

Fat is also great for maintain healthy body composition, because it doesn’t spike insulin, which leads to weight gain, and is very satisfying and filling, so you’re less hungry throughout the day. 

I love to make these “fat bombs” as an easy snack I can pull out if I need something nourishing in the afternoons.  They are packed with healthy fats and will keep you full and satisfied until dinner!  

This recipe is a bit of an adaptation of Mary Shenouda’s Phat Fudge.  She uses tahini and grass-fed butter, but I swapped for almond butter and coconut oil and made a few changes to the spices, and addition of collagen, to fit my preferences.  Freeze them in ice trays and once frozen, you can pop them out into freezer bags, and pull one out whenever you need a quick and nourishing snack!

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